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Re: Any news?

Kacer wrote:
Tue Apr 16, 2019 5:43 pm
It's still pretty new and fresh :)
new and fresh? Did you bother checking any dates for example on the release thread or the build version shown in-game?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : How do I directly start MP? A : Start t5m.exe with -mp Q : Can I use Linker Mod with this? A : Yes, change t5sp.exe to t5m.exe in the bat. Q : Whats the discord invite? A : Q : bink32.dll can't be found A : You need to download the base game. Read the pins in #general...

Community feature wish list

This thread is meant to collect the most needed / wanted features from the community. Make "party_minplayers" stick to its setting. Strip the read only flag of playlist_enabled. Enable the data folder as userraw on dedicated servers as well.* Proper unlock all command, this game is old and many of u...

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