2 problems I've had...

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2 problems I've had...

Postby buttonz97 » Thu May 26, 2016 2:41 am

Iv'e had two problems in the approximately 24 hours I've played IW4M

1.I just started playing yesterday, but already worked my way to level 35, many challenges and attachments earned, but after changing the resolution of the game, I went back to see that my create-a-classes were a mess. the names were single characters, I had primaries as my secondaries, empty lethal slot, my tactical being "ACR x0", also i saw that i unlocked a bunch of random weapon masteries, many of my earn attachments were gone, the list goes on with whats wrong. I was wondering if any could either help me

A. Get my previous stats back

B. Reset my stats.

2.I can't seem to install the maps for this http://reactiongaming.us/threads/dlc-maps.143/ post. I am trying to install the DLC3, 4, and Nuketown, not the stimulus or the resurgence. Help?

I would really like to be able to jump back into the game ASAP since this launch has made me fall in love with MW2 all over again.

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