Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I directly start MP?
A: Start t5m.exe with -mp

Q: Can I use Linker Mod with this?
A: Yes, follow this guide.

Q: Whats the discord invite?

Q: bink32.dll can't be found
A: You need to download the base game. Read the pins in #general on the Discord if you need help.

Q: Deleting Old failed (error 5)
A1: Your game is still running.
A2: Try right-click on t5m.exe and run as administrator.
A3: Folder set to read only. Right click on your T5 game folder and open the properties. Uncheck read only, apply and hit OK.
A4: Try another folder besides C:\Users\ or C:\Program Files\ Highly recommend of making your own C:\Games\

Q: Could not load image.
A: Your game files are broken. See bink32.dll above if you need help.

Q: MP crashes in the main menu after Fetching stats.
A1: Most likely the redis server of the backend didn't return your stats correctly. Try again in a few hours or ask nicely on the Discord to have it restarted.
A2: Your stats are probably corrupted, try a different PC / connection and if that doesn't work ask for your stats to be resetted.

Q: There is an important update available. Please visit and find the release thread.


Will add more if necessarily.
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