Re: playlist sucks! bring back sv_maprotation?

lol at the small letters :P
Well, people want to play wherever they got other players to play with. And this thing of closing a project and then opening it somewhere else doesn't help a community to grow.
But yes, although some players like to have a standard session, every server host that I spoke to during the initial times of T5M hates the playlists method. Specially the ones who run HC TDM and have to handle the respawn delay.
So, the "in between method" would be to have the playlists enabled by default, so that basic servers follow that standard session that some players demand, but with the option to disable it and reconfigure the server settings as usual, to experienced server hosts.
As it is now, there's no way that I can convince server hosts to move their servers to this project and restrict their servers to the available playlist server settings.

Re: playlist sucks! bring back sv_maprotation?

Maybe I'll just help you create a new wad and server.cfg as I already did with redacted T6..

Code: Select all

playlist 1
name english "Team Deathmatch (18 Players)"
description english "Straight up Team Deathmatch on all maps. Use teamwork to kill enemy players and reach the score limit."
categories core
icon playlist_tdm
//Let dedis owners chose what they want. 
//rule party_minplayers 4 //Should be 6 in release.
//rule party_maxplayers 18
//rule scr_tdm_scorelimit 10000
rule scr_xpscale 1
rule xblive_wagermatch 0

Maybe that could help keep dvars from resetting.