People unable to find getREKT

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People unable to find getREKT

Postby weeder » Wed Jan 14, 2015 9:18 pm

Hi everybody

Last 5-6 years i`m actively play and discover site like this.

Last 6 months i tryed about 5-6 of it, but never heard about getRekt.

I see it at thealternation site

I tryed the portal button but it not worked.Then i start to search on google for it

first i tried getrekt, after that getRekt, get rekt, then added a lot of things after like call of duty black ops ...

i always looked at first 10 -20 links and not seen any god link

i continue my discovery to youtube.There is the same situation.Theres a lot of clans, gamers, and lot of stupid videos about get rekt but nowhere some youtube link description with your domain or something waht can help me out.

I use pc about 20 years, and have problems for hours to find your site.

How do you think somebody find you if you are invisible on internet.

After that i came here, register, download.Start game, and not see any servers.The client works after first try but not see any server.Then left behind few days maybe a week.Now i came to site and see you only have 95 users registered.

I think if you want to do a work do it right.

Go around.Post on forums, create facebook, twitter.Be active.Answer an unanswered questions on forum or do something, that tells people to came here.

i buy some of call of duty series, but I always like to play on nosteam mods.Because there are people who dont have money to buy the game, and there are more fun.

For now only 2 rekt like BO solution available on air.But on another site the mod support isnt working.And no response on forums about any mods.

So if you want to do the job right, then make the mods working for BO from itsmods site.There are about 30 of them including some promods too

After this do some advertising on social site and then probably have more users.

I see on your irc a lot of people.

maybe somebody help

Until then keep up the good work

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Re: People unable to find getREKT

Postby avail » Thu Jan 15, 2015 7:56 am

You can do that too, you know.

I don't have a PC right now so I can't really do anything about it.

We do have a facebook.

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