Hello all ladies and gentlemen, here I'm R.A. commenting...

My name is Soy R.A. but they call me RA.
* Unless you don't know Spanish and you make the beautiful mistake of calling me Soy (I'm). e,é

- I've been playing CoD for many years and since AlterIWNet I started slowly to get into and understand all this about clients...and since the fall of 4D1 (approximately) I started to give support, with or without "rank" in a client. And in any language (with a translator), so I could speak to a Russian, a French, Chinese, etc.
* But it's something I didn't do in the last few years, just Spanish and English.
- Maybe I'll make a Spanish Wiki about this client...in GitHub...as always...yes, I use GitHub as a Wiki and Notepad. . _ .

Mmm...I think that's enough presentation. a,a
I hope that this client has a good development and everything goes well.

Goodbye, everybody!
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