Hello everyone :)

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Hello everyone :)

Postby Thor » Tue Feb 10, 2015 3:01 pm

Hello, just wanted to introduce myself and my clan :D

My real name is Jeffrey, I am currently a high school student from 'Merica and my goal career in life is to become a hardware engineer. I am a 17 year old male, as of now that has no job and no girlfriend.


I no-life computers, whether video gaming, gfx design, or programming - I'm almost always on my computer(If anyone would like to/needs to contact me, best place to do so: AClansThor@gmail.com)

The following usernames are ones that I've gone by over the past few years(Since I first found FourDeltaOne a few years ago):



[color=#FF0000]NGN|[/color] and [color=#000080]TEN|[/color] and [color=#BF00FF][A][/color]Prometheus



I have run with only three clans so far, those include:

[color=#FF0000]NGN|(NewGamingNation)[/color] - which is owned by a friend of mine, now defunct.

[color=#000080]TEN|(TheEliminationNation)[/color] - which was owned by me, now defunct.

[color=#BF00BF][A][/color] - which is owned by a friend of mine, my current clan.

Have you heard/met me before? Awesome! It'd be great to see some familiar faces :)

As for the clan I am in, we go by [color=#BF00BF][A][/color] - which simply means anything you want it to. For examples:

[color=#BF00BF]A Lesbian

A Pyromaniac

A Juicer

A Killer[/color]


Our clan leader goes by two names, mostly:

[color=#BF00BF][A]Lesbian[/color] and [color=#BF00BF][A]Zhenya[/color] - if you've played RepZIW4 or IW4Play, you've probably heard of her, she is a hardcore Russian lesbian ;) Fun and easy to get along with, if you're not a numb nut! :P

We have been looking to expand some games for our clan and am going to recommend to our clan to check out getREKT for Black Ops 1 project, seeing as that's been running for a small bit of time and we see you have a Modern Warfare 3 project coming? I'll definitely be interested in MW3 more than BO1, as I'm more of the MW fan than I am a BO fan, wish MW2 was here, but I'm not going to cry over no mw2(is it possible to see a future mw2 release, however? ;) )

I would like to end this on this note:

We do plan to host servers, so long as we are capable to get them running and we are very strict against hackers/cheaters/exploiters - we tolerate no BS when in our servers, don't back talk admins, etc. and we'll get along fine in our servers :) We mostly do TDM Non-HC servers with all maps, but I'm probably going to do a MW3 HC TDM Alll maps, instead of Non-HC seeing as I'm currently the only [color=#BF00BF][A] [/color]Member interested in MW3 and I'm the hardcore gametype fan. ;)

Have a wonderful day, everyone!
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Re: Hello everyone :)

Postby avail » Tue Feb 10, 2015 5:55 pm

Welcome, have a nice stay :)

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Re: Hello everyone :)

Postby demynnfire » Tue Feb 10, 2015 5:58 pm

[b]Hello and welcome, to our [i]lovely[/i] community![/b]
[i][b]Truth & Ideals[/b][/i]

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Re: Hello everyone :)

Postby ^6[A]Lesbian » Tue Feb 10, 2015 7:31 pm

Hi and thanks for the shoutout :) So I guess we can say [A] clan is expanding to mw3 now. I'm actually here because Thor linked me to it but hopefully this project is off to a promising start.

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