Help please

Sorry for my english i'm french and i do my best.

i am novice and i want to play Multiplayer versus bots and zombie solo and with my friend with 2 controllers.

I have the Skidrow's version of the game and with it, i can play zombie solo with five and kino 's map. I don't have DLC and for multiplayer, don't work.

I have an other version of the game and with it, i can launch private Multiplayer but i don't know how install bots.

When i install the game i have this error :
I don't understand how it work and what i must do with RektT5 and Linkermod.

For now i just install RektT5 :

What i must do now for bots and for dlc.
Itry many things with tutoriel but don't work.

Thank you for your help.