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IW4m Continuation?

Hey Guy's i just want to ask a question about iw4m the title say what i would like to ask :) so is there a way to continue iw4m? React is down (hacked) so if is there a way than tell me please i dont like the copy/paste shit of iw4play or repz shit if there are some financial help needed i will do m...

Re: No Servers!

Alright thanks, but the NP Server is 90% Offline so than its not really possible to do a video tutoral :S why is that?

Re: No Servers!

Alright i make this project possible if it will be alive for long time! i hope u do it like Redacted or React so that u need the original game to be allowed to play it modificated. So i do some things to get more players like a video tuturial on yt if thats ok. i'll start a server tomorrow so i hope...

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