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How to install T5m

With a Steam copy (recommended) 1.) Create a folder for T5m I'm gonna use C:\Games\T5m for this. 2.) download t5m.exe from our Discord ¹ and put it into your freshly created folder.

Fury's Temple

Travel to the mystical Fury's Temple and open the Apocalypse Rift in the third epic chapter of the Nova Six series. Commit rituals of an ancient alien race to uncover a legendary sword.

Official Site: Modme
Download Link: Mega


The time has finally come--the end of life within your solar system is at stake, and the Nomads have firmly infested the world which you call home. Now, you must take your fight to the Alta Research Complex--a high-tech, futuristic facility on the Moon. Work for the final time with Cullman as you u...

Reapers Perk Pack

This is a pretty simple mod for bo1, it adds in any perk that was "missing" from that map (deadshot, phd, staminup etc...) as well as an added electric cherry and 3-4 custom perks ive made (one is only on 3 maps since its useless on the others) Official Site: UGX Download Link: Mediafire ...

Nova Six - FIVE Gameplay Mod

The outbreak in the Pentagon has begun, and you find yourself surrounded. Dr. Schroader speaks out, and claims he can help you. Will you free him, or will you try your luck against the undead horde? Fully-functioning Gobblegum machine, an array of weapons from Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty: Ghosts...

Project Thor - Ascension Gameplay Mod

Welcome to Baikonur Cosmodrome. Meet up with Cullman the A.I., a human-turned-robot who can help you stop Dr. Schroader before he can control the super-weapon. Who will take control of the Thor Satellite? Take on the Cosmodrome as the four characters from the FIVE Nova Six crew, meet up with two ne...


Set your feet to the solid grounds of Paris to unfold its mysteries. Will you find your way or will you perish in the darkness? Official Site: UGX Download Link: Mega

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