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Re: 2019 T5M update

CarterDarter wrote: Mon Apr 20, 2020 12:27 pm I'm just posting to say this is totally dead. Constantly tells me to go back to this thread and nothing else works. Followed it to the T and it's still coming up.

Oh well.
well, we more on discord now, the site seems to be used only to add players

Re: My friend cant join the session

same problem sometimes, i play with other 2 friends and most of the times or i cant connect to one of them or vice versa, sometimes restart the game or the PC doesnt work, but as far as i know isnt all related to the client, even the Steam Black Ops 3 have this alot. as RelaxingEnd used to say, well...

Re: 2019 T5M update

this update contains a lot of fixes, but could also contain a lot of bugs. firstly. it works much differently. I always hated how when running a fourdeltaone-like client, it ruined your install (modifying steam files, deleting binaries, [...]) so, it now runs from out of the game folder. please del...

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