Full Tutorial On Installing Rekt T5 + Mods (LinkerMod) for Noobs

Hi, I noticed a lot of people having trouble installing Rekt T5 and LinkerMod for Rekt T5, so I’m making a tutorial here.
First thing you need is the most obvious thing, Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Now there are a few ways to get the game, one requires money, one doesn’t (I never said the free way is legal). The free way is something called piracy, which is illegal in the US and probably many more countries, and I do not condone piracy but it is an option.

I’ll will give the best link to get pirated Black Ops 1, and the best link to get a legalized copy of the Game, but I will not be held responsible, you will.

Now this pirated copy has all the DLCs, Rekt T5 already installed, (Skip Rekt T5 Installation Steps if you download this), and the Rekt T5 Updater, but it is a torrent, so you will need a torrent client, find it yourself, I recommend, uTorrent or BitTorrent, but you choose your own of your choice.

Here is Black Ops 1 (illegal Copy): https://chopperhook.xyz/alterwarez/t5_full_game.torrent

Here is the Legalized Copy of Black Ops 1 that “YOU” must buy for $40, you can always buy a cheap steam key but I’m still not responsible: https://store.steampowered.com/app/4270 ... Black_Ops/

Now if you buy Black Ops 1 and install it from steam, you need to find the game directory, watch a video on YouTube.
After Finding the Directory, we can install Rekt T5 from here
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... 50/t5m.exe
Make a blank folder in the BO1 Directory Called RektT5 and put the .exe in the folder and run it. (More info on the discord) Now that we have installed Rekt T5, we probably want MODS!

Ok, so Mods hmmm?
Head over to the Rekt T5 directory.
Download this (LinkerMod):
https://github.com/Nukem9/LinkerMod/rel ... me_mod.zip

After downloading it, copy all the files into the directory where BlackOps.exe is located, for pirating uses with my links, place the files in the folder that has the folder RektT5 in it, NOT IN THE REKT T5 Folder, the one that has the RektT5 folder in it, so place the files in T5_Fullgame.

When finished make sure you have launched your T5M.exe once to play BO1 so it will install certain files required (YOU WILL HAVE TO HAVE A https://getrektby.us account to enter T5M) and once you exit, we can start the next step.

Now once you have finished all previous things required, you will need to use T5M Linker Helper.
Download it Here: download/file.php?id=13

Once it’s downloaded open the RektT5 Folder with T5M.exe in it and move the helper to the Folder (RektT5). Now start the helper. Once it has finished, press enter and Now you have game_mod (LINKERMOD) Installed! To install mods just take the folder and place it in the mods folder where we put the game_mod files into the folder where the RektT5 Folder is in.

To run and play mods open the new shortcut T5M LinkerMod given to you and go to the mods menu in BO1 and chose your mod.

I recommend a few mods like
Waffen der Schönheit Weapons for Zombies by Sidzz:
https://www.ugx-mods.com/forum/mod-rele ... mod/16375/
Black Ops 1 Reimagined (Zombies) by Jbleezy

Hope this helped, have a awesome day, good bye.