Community feature wish list

This thread is meant to collect the most needed / wanted features from the community.
  • Make "party_minplayers" stick to its setting.
  • Strip the read only flag of playlist_enabled.
  • Enable the data folder as userraw on dedicated servers as well.*
  • Proper unlock all command, this game is old and many of us already grinded through it on steam, aIW, 4D1 and a few copy&paste clients.
  • Support for refresh rates higher than 75hz.**
  • Working country flags in the server browser.
  • Move the BD logs to the second console window
  • r_noborder support for borderless window mode.
  • Investigate Theater mode issues.
  • Prestige mode not working.
  • Fix counters of online and servers.
  • Ability to reset/share/upload stats & playercard art from rekt's cloud services.
  • Auto detection SE2Dev's game_mod for zm custom maps.
  • IW4MAdmin's support & it's GSC Anti-Cheat.
  • Working Favorites
  • Move Wager Matches to the normal Server Browser tab.
  • LAN / offline support. (Maybe recycle the Wager Match tab in the server browser for this)
  • Allow sv_network_fps up to 1000
  • Add support for longer server names in the server browser
  • Let servers re-announce automatically if they get de-listed for example because the backend got restarted.

Points that are stroked through have been implemented to RetT5.
Points that are stroked through and are red have been rejected.

*I talked about it with @avail and he wasn't sure if it is enabled on ds as well, but it is on the client side!
** Works fine on SP so there should be no real reason why it shouldn't work on MP as well.

Thanks to for their suggestions:
  • avail
  • FryTechTips
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