Black Ops: Cold War Perks and Power-Ups Icons for T5M


This texture pack includes all the Black Ops: Zombies Power-Ups and Perk-a-Cola icons with Cold War style
Note that firesale is not shown in the preview, but it is included
The iwd is located inside the zip, in case you didn't see it

To apply it to your game, you must copy the Cold War - Perks & PowerUps.iwd file in ReKT\data.
The rekt folder being the folder in which the t5m executable is located

Inspired by the idea of Clippy95's Texture Pack
All perks and powerups were collected/created by Robit of ModME
Bonfire and Death Machine created by me using Robit template
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Cold War - Perks & PowerUps by atu.rar
Version 2.0, Cold War icons, Season 6
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